first heal lists blog carnival
Dear readers, it’s time to start a First Edition of Health List Blog Carnival! It’s a special blog carnival that provide a links to other blogs with health lists. I won’t post each submitted blog and list. I don’t want Healthy List Carnival become a dump of links. In our blog carnival will appear only interesting, useful, non-made-for-money blogs and blog posts. Reader is the King! Hurray!

1. Neelakantha presents an article by Laura Milligan 50 Easy Tips to Lower Your Healthcare Expenses posted at RN Central.

With the future of U.S. healthcare on unsteady ground, both the insured and uninsured are looking for creative ways to lower their medical expenses. This list has ideas to help you hack frustrating insurance policies, stay healthy so that you can lessen the amount of times you visit the doctor each year, and even explore alternatives like free clinics and international medicine.

2. Mike Remer presents interesting one-item list: A Great Weight Reducing Secret posted at My Path To Fitness Blog.

Cut down on the salt. Try your favorite seasonings instead of salt…

3. Raymond presents My Experience With Lasik Eye Surgery – Thoughts About Laser Vision Correction – Is It Worth The Cost and Risks? and a list of “Advices To Those Considering Laser Eye Surgery and What To Keep In Mind” posted at Money Blue Book.

I had Lasik surgery a few years ago and it completely changed my life for the better. For those considering the procedure, I highly recommend it wholeheartedly. Particularly for those people like me who spent the majority of their lives dependent on corrective lenses, Lasik will truly transform your life in an almost miraculous way. Freedom from glasses and contact lenses has been such an amazing and liberating experience.

4. Tim Goodwin make us ready for the coming summer by article Get Your Summer Body All Year Round posted at GetFit Top Tip.

You see the summer IS just around the corner and I know many of you will be thinking about what your body looks like with the winter clothes peeled away. But before you start thinking about the drastic methods you may have adopted in the past.

5. Jessica Jones presents Creating a Healthier Home posted at Practical Nourishment.

So I decided to make a healthier home by creatively making changes, one change at a time. We don’t have much extra money, so the changes would have to be simple and inexpensive.

6. Chris presents Four Paradoxes of Standing Meditation posted at Martial Development, saying, “Learn about the incredible benefits of standing meditation, an ancient Chinese secret now available to the Western public!”

For this edition was submitted 16 blog posts. As you can see met a requirement of quality health list only 6 of 16.
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