Cold winter days, winter blues, and boozy winter nights – these are all part of the winter season.
Low mood, being over-worked and not sleeping enough can lead to us feeling somewhat under the weather during the Christmas season. Although, you may have your Christmas and New Years parties to look forward to, you may not feel quite up to it or as full of life.

Here’s a few ways you can improve your vitality in the winter season, enabling you to be fit and well in time for Christmas and New Year’s eve.

1. Use heart-beats music for exercises

Use upbeat music, such as pop Christmas hits, to exercise to. Using music that is a similar beats per minute to your heart when running should naturally encourage yourself to work harder. Christmas songs will not only then get you into the Christmas mood; they will encourage you to work yourself harder on the treadmill without much effort.

2. Enjoy winter sports

Enjoy the festivities of Christmas, including ice skating. Ice skating is very good for core strength and stimulates those sleepy muscles that are not used in other sports and exercises.

3. Take dose of “sunny” and “orange” vitamins

As well as getting all you need nutritionally – plenty of vegetables and fruit – make sure you get your daily dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a key factor in weight loss as well as raising your mood, so it’s vital to body and mind in darker seasons with less daylight. So when you can take a run or walk, whether it is in your lunch break or before work, to get your daily dose of vitamin D. In winter months, because of all the viruses around, we need to raise our protection against colds and flues. Of course taking vitamin C will improve our ability to defend ourselves against viruses. Don’t not only take a supplement, add an orange to your lunch box per day and peppers to your nightly meal, which are even higher in vitamin C than oranges!
4. Be a temporary sleeping beauty

It’s one of the top tips for a healthy lifestyle – sleep well. The average human needs 7-9 hours sleep to regenerate and to remain concentrated the next day. Those who get a good amount of sleep per night are also more likely to have a faster metabolism and thus, are likely to have less problems with weight gain.

5. Smile and laugh

It may seem silly but laughing on a regular basis can burn calories! It also lifts your mood, improving your vitality levels. Smiling regularly over frowning could be far better for your face, as well as lift your mood. Happy person may mean your health will be far better than someone who is unhappy, so do things to keep yourself occupied and happy in winter as it can be easy to feel the blues in these cold and icy months.